RONDO 1 is the first Warsaw office building which obtained the LEED GOLD CERTIFICATE in the category "EXISTING BUILDINGS".

The Rondo 1 complex was designed to be eco-friendly and to meet high environmental standards. At present it is one of the most “green” buildings in Warsaw. It combines a concern for the environment with care for the comfort of its tenants and their employees.

Rondo 1 is the first building in Central-Eastern Europe to use the DALI light control system. The system controls each of the building’s 36,000 light bulbs and 4,500 curtains individually, adjusting the illumination of the interior to current external conditions. The DALI system is not only ecological but also friendly for people working in Rondo 1 – the light is perfectly adapted to their needs. All light bulbs installed in the building are energy saving products.

Additionally, the building is very energy-efficient owing to the state-of-the-art ventilation and air conditioning systems that were installed. As a result tenant’s expenditures on energy are reduced. It is also worth mentioning that 100% of electricity consumed by the building comes from renewable energy sources (wind energy).

No harmful construction materials, including lead-paints or pesticides, were used in the building, while all cleaning products are biodegradable. This is due to both the concern for the environment and the health of people working in Rondo 1.

With waste segregation being introduced in the building in cooperation with the tenants, 61% of waste generated by Rondo 1 is sorted. Additionally, a water saving programme was applied, reducing water consumption by 30%. There is also an educational programme for the employees that aims to encourage them to adopt a more ecological lifestyle. As much as 76% of people working in Rondo 1 commute to work by public transport and nearly 100 bicycle racks are available on the premises.
In addition to the LEED Gold certificate, Rondo 1 also holds the EU Green Building certificate awarded by the European Commission and the prestigious Real Green CEE Real Estate Quality Award in 2012 in the “Building of the Year 2011” category.